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Another language

For www.technodating.net I translated the site into Dutch, for everyone who lives in the Netherlands. Now there are 4 languages available at www.technodating.net: English, German, French and Dutch.

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As my Technodating websites and Android App are free to use, I anyway have bills for the server and domains. Because I hate stupid advertisement, I decided to not use ads in my apps, although they would bring some money. So I hope to find a few donators who help to keep the free Technodating websites and Android App alive.

More profile fields

I added and translated more profile fields for www.technodating.net, e.g. Character, Hobbies, Pets and your Favorite DJs, so other members get a short overview about your person and living style.

How it works...

You don't need much to find a partner who has the same interests.

Sign Up

Open a Techno Dating Site and click on "Register". Fill out the form, accept the terms and privacy regulations and enter the member area.

Upload Photos and Share Interests

Once you signed in, you can upload photos, for the public or only for friends and share your interests by just choosing one from the list, or enter a new one.

Meet people

If your profile looks interesting for someone, you don't have to wait very long until one writes you a message. At sympathy and knowing each other better, you can date her or him to meet in person. But think about your protection about the Corona Virus.


Here are some screenshots of Technodating.net Desktop and Mobile



Technodating's history

  • 2010-2013

    Our Beginnings

    In 2010 I came up with the idea to offer dating sites, especially for Techno music lovers. I wanted them to be country based in Europe and get a trademark for each country. So I was searching a good name for it and came simply to "Technodating". As I developed and coded the first versions by myself and chose English as programming language, it was clear to start with technodating.co.uk in the United Kingdom. After that I translated the site to German and published technodating.de Germany.

  • 2013-2017

    Good reviews lead to many members

    In 2013 and 2014 a few websites and blogs wrote articles about my Techno dating sites and I was invited to give a few interviews. This was leading to a few hundred members in a short time. Meanwhile I lost my job and almost had to give up my projects, but I could keep the most important domains. As I never developed a backend to my dating sites, I decided to buy a dating software license from a good software company. And I had luck with a domain name of interest, technodating.net as international Techno dating site. In 2017 many blogs and websites liked my idea and wrote again many articles about Technodating. In good times I had 2.800 members on technodating.uk and 1.600 members on technodating.net, a few hundred on technodating.de. But after my server backup didn't contain the database sql file, almost all members have been deleted by a stupid Ubuntu error. Now, after that happened, I can be glad to at least have 570 members on .uk again, 170 members on .net and 30 members on technodating.fr France.

  • 2017-2019

    Extending the licenses for more European countries

    It was no question for me, to get a license for more European domains, such as technodating.at, .ch, .nl, .pl, .se, .it, .es. Right now, I am not able to make advertisement for my dating sites, for example at Facebook or Google Adwords, but I want to translate the texts to other languages for the country based domain names and publish them soon.

  • 2019-2020

    Android App available at Google Play Store

    Added an Android app in the Google Play Store, based on the international Techno dating site, technodating.net. Requires an Android version of 4.1 and higher and an internet connection to upload photos, share interests and to chat with the ones you love.

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